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A short break to Paris, where 3 nights is clearly not enough!



We stayed in the area of Sorbonne, the Latin quarter. Small winding cobble streets, fresh bakeries, smart locals, enthusiastic students, and stunning architecture. Food is far too good in Paris.

2014-04-07 IMG_0329

Montmarte is a small area just north of central Paris. This traditional area offers a unique crematorium, an excellent selection of local, traditional outlets, and of course; Sacre Coer!


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Over the very easy-to-use Metro & RER system to Arc D’Triomphe, and the iconic Eiffel Tower.

IMG_0127 IMG_0129 IMG_0109 IMG_0131 IMG_0132 IMG_0146 IMG_0150 IMG_0152 IMG_0159 IMG_0162 IMG_0163 IMG_0164

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chappelle, Pont des arts, and Musée du Louvré:

IMG_0008 IMG_0011 IMG_0176 IMG_0177 IMG_0187 IMG_0189 2014-04-091 2014-04-092 IMG_0209 IMG_0212 IMG_0215 IMG_0216

IMG_0236 2014-04-09 IMG_0246 IMG_0263 IMG_0264 IMG_0261 IMG_0265 IMG_0283 IMG_0286 2014-04-093 IMG_0290 IMG_0292 IMG_0299

A final stroll around Luxembourg gardens before heading home..

IMG_0327 IMG_0325 IMG_0312 IMG_0320 IMG_0328

Au Revoir París….